About us

Multile Inc is a multiple brand holding company distribute flooring, wall Tiles and Mosaic to more than 300 retailers in tri-state and continually expanding to nationwide. We carry high-end brand as Dongpeng and more price competitive and innovated brand as Multile to provide wide selection of products including natural stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic and micro crystal.

Multile's strategy is business to business only. We work with retailers, developers, design studios and contractors to provide the most unique, fashionable and affordable products with fast shipping and delivery service. Our merchandising programs include physical display board to place in your retail store for consumer to view and touch, we also have carry to go sample box for showing consumer on-site of job station.

Multile has an active and young company culture. To dominate the market, except the service and products we create the best marketing system by working with the top industrial advertising agents and trade show partners to refresh company image; providing the monthly, seasonal and yearly promote and reward system to continuously bring out the new products as well as giving back to our loyal partners. By working with Multi Tile we customize service and product just for you to best assist.

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